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Essentially all of the students taking the algebra-based general physics sequence at Mercy College are preparing for careers in the health or life sciences. All physics principles are investigated in the context of human or biological functioning. The ability to recognize and apply the physical principles which underlie the functioning of living systems will enable these students to be better health practitioners or life scientists.

The 2 semester sequence is taught in a “workshop” style, where students work in collaborative groups exploring physical phenomena, making models, predicting outcomes, taking and interpreting data, and applying concepts to slightly different scenarios. Lecture, laboratory, and practice activities are integrated within each class.

Student directed activities typically include a semester-long biomechanics project during the first semester and exploring topics of student interest in the second semester.

The syllabus and expected student outcomes for the two course sequence is available here:

PHYS160, PHYS161 General Physics I & II: syllabus


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