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H1A. Normal Functioning Biomechanics

Physics Topics Human Applications Student Guide Details
Modeling Your Motion When Walking position versus time, velocity versus time Describe human gait MS Word html
Modeling Your Motion When Jumping
kinematics of vertical jumping
Modeling Human Walking: Distance and Time
position versus time
Introduction to human gait analysis

Modeling Human Walking: Velocity and Time

velocity versus time
Introduction to human gait analysis
Modeling Human Walking:
Position and Velocity Graphs
comparing position-time and velocity-time graphs
human gait analysis
Modeling Human Walking: Velocity and Acceleration Graphs
introduce acceleration
human gait analysis
Modeling Human Walking: Measuring Acceleration
define average acceleration
gait analysis
You're really hip
2-dimensional kinematics
walking gait
The Jumping Human: Projectile Motion
projectile motion
human jumping
Relating Linear and Angular Kinematics
angular kinematics
joint rotations
Slipping and Sliding with Shoes
Friction forces
Forces involved in walking; stride length
Rotating Your Arms and Legs
rotational kinematics
energy and limb motion
How Strong Are Your Muscles?
calculate torques, static equilibrium
estimate muscle forces
May the force be with you: Newton's 2nd Law
Newton's 2nd law
Estimating forces involved in pushing people
Push-me, Pull-you: Newton’s Third Law
Newton's 3rd law
interactions involved in pushing and pulling people
Center of Mass
define center of mass
center of mass shifts in human body
Static Equilibrium
conditions for equilibrium
estimate bicep and tricep muscle forces
Storing Energy in Your Muscles

work with position-dependent force, elastic modulus

energetics of jumping

This is a lot of work

definition of work for constant force

scale of work done by human

Some Things Never Change

conservation of mechanical energy

energetics of pole vault


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