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Welcome to the Humanized Physics Project Web Site. This site contains resources designed to help physics teachers use the human body as a context for teaching physics, particularly at the introductory level. We have a library of classroom tested activities and labs, descriptions of revised courses using the human body theme, and other resources.

The Activity/Lab Library contains student and instructor guides for activities covering most topics in the algebra-based introductory sequence.

The Course Descriptions page contains information on courses using the human body theme at a variety of institutions.

The Resources page contains video and animations used in many of the acitivities, complete contents of the Understanding Human Motion CD, the Studies in Motion Laser Disc, and the textbook Physics Including Human Applications by Fuller3.

Background information on the project including some discussion of the pedagogical underpinnings is available on the About HPP page.

This project was partially supported by the National Science Foundation CCLI Program under Grant DUE#00-88712 and DUE#00-88780

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