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P1. Mechanics P2. Fluid Mechanics P3. Oscillations and Waves
3A-Oscillations 3B-Wave Motion 3C-Acoustics 3D-Instruments 3E-Sound Reproduction
P4. Thermodynamics
4A-Thermal Properties of Matter 4B-Heat and the First Law 4C-Change of State 4D-Kinetic Theory 4E-Gas Law 4F-Entropy and the Second Law 4G-Partition/Distribution Functions 4H-Chemical Reactions
P5. Electricity and Magnetism P6. Optics
6A-Geometrical Optics 6B-Photometry 6C-Diffraction 6D-Interference 6F-Color 6G-Spectroscopy 6H-Polarization 6J-The Eye 6L-Laser Physics 6M-Matrix Methods 6Q-Modern Optics
P7. Modern Physics
7A-Quantum Effects 7B-Atomic Physics 7D-Nuclear Physics 7E-Elementary Particles 7F-Relativity 7G-Quantum Physics 7H-Quantum Electrodynamics 7J-Solid State
P8. Mathematical Topics
8A-Exponential Function
H1. Biomechanics
1A. Normal functioning Biomechanics 1B. Gait 1C. Ergonomics 1D. Sports/Dance/Exercise Science – performance and technique 1E. Sports/Dance/Exercise - injury prevention 1F. Physical Therapeutic Diagnosis of Dysfunctional Biomechanics 1G. Rehabilitation Techniques and Exercises 1H. Prosthetic limb mechanics
H2. Physiology
2A. Senses 2B. Circulatory 2C. Respiratory 2D. Digestive System 2E. Urinary System 2F. Nervous System 2G. Muscoskeletal 2H. Homeostasis and Feedback Control
H3. Bioenergetics
3A. Metabolic Rate and Caloric Requirements 3B. Thermoregulation 3C. Effect of temperature on enzymatic activity 3D. Coupled Reactions: ATP, Oxidation-Reduction 3E. Free Energy/Entropy 3F. Electron Transport
H4. Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms
4A. Energy Conversion and Metabolism 4B. Diffusion/Random Walk/Osmosis 4C. Molecular structures and Biosynthesis 4D. Molecular motors, Muscle contraction and Cell Motility 4E. Self Assembly/ Protein Folding 4F. Genetic mechanisms 4G.Membrane structure and function 4H.Cell transport and storage 4I.Signaling/ Intra- and Inter- cellular communication 4J.Cell cycles and cell death 4K.Cells and the extracellular matrix 4L.Organization of Multi-cellular Organisms, Systems Biology
H5. Biophysics/Biomedical research techniques H6. Medical Diagnosis Tools H7. Injuries H8. Medical Treatments H9. Physical/Occupational Therapy Modalities H10. Alternative and Complementary Wellness H11. Brain/Mind H12. Dental H13. Veterinary/Animals H14. Living on the Earth H15. Modern Technology in our Lives


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